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Tatiana Rodriguez


Tatiana Olivia Rodriguez is your USOA Ms. Pennsylvania 2024!  She is a 33 year old social sciences graduate, born in Hoboken, New Jersey into a Puerto Rican and Cuban family. Tatiana grew up loving music, dance , and the arts. After moving to Pennsylvania at age 4,  was introduced to pageants. With no prior coaching, wearing a red gown her grandmother had created, she enchanted the audience with my version of The Sound of Music, “Raindrops on roses”,  and WON! 


Adapting the title “ Voice of the voiceless”, after recovering from a near death

experience, Tatiana sought out a unique way to educate her town on human trafficking awareness. In 2020 Saved with amazing grace dessert studio was born. Her menu featured flavors like ube, a purple potato native to the Philippines , whose flavor highlights notes of pistachio and vanilla, as well as homemade wojapi sauce ( a fusion of cranberries, cherries and blueberries with honey) , a dessert passed down from American Indians. Tatiana’s idea to choose specific flavor’s that connect the tasting palette with her platform, proved to be successful , as she sold out halfway through Arts & Beauty Magazine NYFW showcase in January 2021.


When Tatiana isn't raising awareness about human trafficking , she is in her

kitchen creating flavorful, healthy, 30 minute meals. Tatiana Enjoy’s implementing

ingredients and tweaking recipes from all over the globe. Apart from encouraging her

audience to expand their palette , she enjoys educating on the healing benefits within

her ingredients. From Pad Thai to Turkish Shakshuka, Tatiana showcases a way of

healing using the 5 senses, creating a positive classical conditioning experience.


Tatiana’s goal this year with her title of USOA Ms.Pennsylvania 2024 , is to finish

filing her 501 (3) , and officially launch her non profit organization, Saved With Amazing Grace. Saved With Amazing Grace aka SWAG, whose mission it is to provide

restoration and healing to those who desire alternative therapy forms that insurance

does not cover. Tatiana’s desire is to Inclusively help those who suffer from forms of

PTSD and Trauma, by introducing non-traditional therapy methods. Combining holistic therapy methods with experiental treatment as a new way to fully heal and develop self worth. Tatiana believes healing can truly come from a hands on experience, and that trauma is not only curable, but that the healing process can be a catalyst for profound awakening.Hands on healing is a portal opening to emotional and genuine healing, so that you can again one day contribute positively to society .


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