UNITED STATES of America's  



Ava Cima

Hi Everyone! 

I am Ava Cima! It is an honor and privilege to represent the United States of America pageant system as your new Pennsylvania Teen. 

I am currently a senior at John W Hallahan High School in Philadelphia.  I am a National Honor Society Tutor, President of the World Cultural Club, and Student and Faculty Liaison for Student Council. I love learning

new things and helping others! I recently started a College and Career initiative to help high school students learn about the college application process and what they can do to improve their overall student profile for college!


Aside from school, I enjoy learning about the world and it’s cultures. I am currently trying to learn a phase in every language. I even know how to say the 2nd longest city in the world in Welsh!


In 2017, I created a foundation named Project HALO: Be Someone’s Saving Grace. Project HALO (Helping Ava Lift Others) is a volunteer organization I established to give people the opportunity to lift and serve others through over 60 service projects since 2017. I welcome friends and family to serve with me under the Project HALO umbrella. 


I am planning on attending college next fall where I will pursue a degree in Anthropology and Chemistry. 


I am excited for the opportunities the United States of America system has to offer. I am so honored to embark on this new journey as your United States of America Pennsylvania Teen!